What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

One-on-one sessions that offer a safe space to question and spiritually grow.

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"Rachel is tremendously empathetic, open-hearted, and compassionate. Discussing my own life and hearing about Rachel's life story has helped strengthen my resolve to seek a greater sense of peace."


"I had an excellent kind of break through today. It feels like magic. Thanks for taking the time to push me to be better, kinder with myself."



"You have taught me to be

present with my feelings. You have also given me very useful tips for meditation. Thank you for being patient with me, and creating a safe space for me to share my feelings."


"I now believe that I can achieve everything I really want to achieve, that I have precious gifts to share with this world."


People Coached by Rachel Schmidt Say:

About Rachel Schmidt

Practical spirituality is my jam. 

[prak-ti-kuhl] [spir-i-choo-al-i-tee] 

A set of accessible beliefs that, when applied, make your life better and more peaceful.


I'm deep AF, and I nerd out over intellectual ideas...but I find that life is best when I have a spirituality that works. I don't need a set of intellectual ideas about God to assent to; I need a set of beliefs that transform my life and help me grow.

I studied Theology. I learned how to have a relationship with a Higher Power once I got sober. I make really good food. I like to read. I argue for fun (with willing participants.) I'm the queen of analogies. I have two cats. Social justice is important to me. I write poetry sometimes.

Perfect for when you're questioning religion and still want a connection with a Higher Power.

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