When I was getting my Master's in Theology I started losing my faith in Catholicism. I remember questioning my faith hardcore, and I didn't even know if I believed in God anymore. Questioning was allowed in the conservative Catholic environment I grew up in as long as I came back to conclusions that were given to me in the first place. However, I was questioning but finding different answers, and I had no safe space within the Catholic Church where I felt comfortable to disagree without feeling shame. I desperately wanted a spirituality and a connection to a Higher Power, but I had all this guilt blocking me. Now, I've detoxed the Catholic guilt and come to a place of acceptance of myself and a God of my own understanding. I've searched out the safe spaces within Catholicism to disagree, and there are a few but not many...so I've had to find and create my own. Thus, my goal as a Spiritual Life Coach is to offer that safe space when you're feeling like dumping religion but still want to cultivate that connection with God.

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